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The Music

When we say the music is going to be mesmerizing, we mean it. Get ready to taste a multitude of musical flavors from India & around the world. This November, prepare to be immersed in lush soundscapes and groovy melodies.

Day Name Of Artist
Day 1 Nikhil D'souza
Harouna Samake
Brooklyn Funk Essentials
Day 2 Raghu Dixit
Chico & The Gypsies
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Festival Restaurant

Festival Restaurant

Goan culture and its divine food are known to leave even food critics completely spell-bound and at a loss of words. Of course, our food curators were thinking of how they could add a delightful icing on this culinary cake and up the game a little. That's why they decided to bring to you an exclusive zone akin to heaven with home chefs from the smallest nooks and corners of Goa! Offering their authentic family recipes and sharing an integral part of their heritage, history, and lives with all the festival-goers and members of the Rising Tribe.


The Oasis

We think this celebration would feel a bit incomplete without a bar or... two. The first is an oasis that offers incredible curated local flavors and spirits like the widely loved Goan Feni and a wide range of cocktail recipes & hidden gems. Get ready to be equal parts surprised and spirited.

Drink & make merry. However, we never forget to do it responsibly. So, this year, Mahindra Open Drive has partnered with Diageo and their road safety campaign - Road To Safety. We believe it acts as a well-intentioned reminder for all of us driving to and from the festival.

Be on the look out for our specially curated Diageo bars as festival-goers get a taste of the most exquisite alcoholic beverages from across the world.

Art Commission

Art Commission

The Art Commission is a cultural hub at the festival ground that celebrates artistes belonging to a plethora of backgrounds and disciplines. It is a space that encourages dialogue, empathy, open-mindedness to honor diversity & use art as an effective instrument of communicating societal change.


The NGO Village

A small yet meaningful contribution goes a long way in enabling and empowering someone in need. We strive to build a community of givers and doers, which is excited and proud to support our NGO partners. We love making a difference – in our unique ways. The festival will enable all our contributors to interact with our partner NGOs and learn more about how they can remain involved and keep contributing even after the festival.

The Souk

The Souk

Get completely immersed in the local culture of Goa at our festival souk - breath in the true essence of Goan heritage. Splurge a little as you discover beautiful artisanal charms, trinkets, relics, and souvenirs.













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